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A Warm Winter For African Students


On 1st December, Jinzhou was still snowing overnight, the outdoor temperature dropped to minus 17 degrees Celsius. College of International Exchange, Dean Chen Lei, Secretary of the party Zhao Pengliang, teaching director Wang Feng, director of student management teacher Li Minghui, donated the down jacket for international students from Burundi, Yemen, Pakistan, Kazakhstan.
  There were 13 students who got the down jacket studying different majors,9 of them are from Burundi. Dean Chenlei had noticed that the this is the first time for African students to spend winter in China, and they did not get enough warm clothing without adequate preparation, in addition, the price is expensive, some students is not adapt to the  cold and had caused diarrhea, . thus the College of International Exchange decided to buy winter clothes according to their size, to send warmth. The student representatives of NTAKIRUTIMANA JEAN MICHEL is a Chinese language students, he said: "I think Jinzhou's winter is so cold, my friends and I can not bear it at all. These clothes are really timely, thank you!" Take warm clothes, each student's face showed a warm smile.
  African students are not only as a messenger of cultural exchange to our university to learn the knowledge, they are carriers of China Africa friendship, Chen Lei said to the students: if there are other difficulties though out of College of international exchange will be given they are the most comprehensive service and help.


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