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Scholarship of LiaoNing Provincial Government

Measures for theAdministration of Anhui Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students in Anhui Medical University (Trial)

Chapter 1 General

Article 1 To attract more international students to come to studyin Anhui Medical University, and encourage international student who areoutstanding, good moral character and hard-working, according to “Measures forthe Administration of Anhui Provincial Government Scholarship for InternationalStudents”, Anhui Medical University set up this rules.

Article 2 Anhui Provincial Government Scholarship forInternational Students in Anhui Medical University (hereafter referred to as“Scholarship”) works on an equal, just and open basis.

Article 3 The Scholarship is administrated and budgeted by Anhui ProvincialEducation Department.

Article 4 Scholarship will be reviewed once a year.

Chapter 2 Application Requirements

Article 5 Applicants should be foreign citizen and friendly toChina and should have foreign passport and valid visas.

Article 6 Applicants should not get any other Chinese GovernmentScholarship.

Article 7 Undergraduate scholarship applicants should be within theaverage age of 28 years old and should have obtained degree that equals toChinese High School degree or above

Article 8 Master’s degree scholarship applicants should be withinthe average age of 40 years old and have obtained bachelor degree and twoprofessors’ recommendation letters

Article 9 Doctorate scholarship applicants should be within theaverage of 40 years old and have obtained master’s degree and two professors orassociate professors’ recommendation letters.

Article 10 Applicants should have corresponding Chinese languageproficiency, scholarships give priority to applicants who passed HSK test.

Article 11 Applicants should be well-behaved and have good academicresults, in campus, have never break school rules and disciplines suchunexplained absences; and outside campus, have never break Chinese andUniversity’s laws and regulations.

Article 12 For applicants who are current international students, inprinciple the yearly comprehensive evaluation ranking will be considered. Scholarshipsgive priority to those who are active in various campus activities and doingwell in academic results.

Article 13 For new international students, in principle they cannotapply this Scholarship before registered formally on campus. Applicants’previous education background and entrance exam results will be taken intoconsideration.

Article 14 Students in any of the following situation cannot applyfor this Scholarship

Graduating students and students who extend studyduration;

1.Breaking ChineseExit and Entry Administration Regulations and get fined;

2.BreakingUniversity regulations and get warning;

3.Absent fromclasses without any reason for 5 times;

4.Failed in finalexams during the application year;

5.Breaking accommodationregulation and being clearing out;

Chapter 3 Scholarship Application and Evaluation

Article 15 Applicants should submit application documents in duetime and International Education School do a comprehensive review. Incompleteapplication documents and late application will be regarded as invalid.

Article 16 Qualified application documents will be sent to AnhuiProvincial Education Department by Anhui Medical University.

Article 17 Application results will be announced on the website of InternationalEducation School for at least 3 days.

Article 18 The University will inform Anhui Provincial EducationDepartment to cancel the Scholarships if students who get scholarships breakuniversity laws and regulations seriously.

Article 19 A comprehensive evaluation will be done to students whoget scholarships each May by the University, and the University has the rightto decide whether or not to cancel the Scholarship based on the evaluation result.

Article 20 Students who has been canceled the Scholarship shall not regainit or apply for next year Scholarship.

Article 21 The application documents requirement shall be informedto applicants with written notice by International Education School each year.

Chapter 4 Others

Article 22 The measures come into force on 2ndDec. 2013.

Article 23 The measures shall be explained by InternationalEducation School of Anhui Medical University.

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