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Application Guide

We offer international applicants an online application system powered by CISS, which is simple to use. Only within four steps, you could directly apply for your favourate course online.

Step 1
Register / Log in

CISS account makes you directly apply to China's schools & track progress online. You only need to register ONCE to apply.

Step 2
Select a course

Before applying, you may browse courses by different types, and select your favourate course base on your academic qualification.

Click below the course title to start

Fill out online application form

Upload required documents

Pay for application fee & CISS processing fee

Step 3
Apply online

Step 4
Track progress

Your application would be processed when your payment arrives, usuaslly it would be taken 20- 30 days. Once you have completed your appliscation, you can track progress in your personal CISS account. If admitted, you will receive Admission Notice and JW202 form (Chinese visa application form) by postage.

Apply for Business Visa (F Visa) if you will study in China less than 180 days.
Apply for Student Visa (X Visa) if you will study in China more than 180 days.
(L visa is mainly for tourists staying in China for less than 30 days and could be applied in most countries. You may apply for L Visa and change to F Visa or X visa after register in China's unversity.)
Book an air ticket according to the registration date indicated on the Admission Notice.

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