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A Guide of Service for International Students

Bohai University is located in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. Lying in the eastern part of "Liaoxi Corridor" and northern side of Bohai Sea, Jinzhou City, with a population of 800,000 and a continental monsoon climate in northern temperate zone, is a traffic linchpin connecting Northeast and Northern China. Jinzhou Seaport is the most northern port in China, and Jinzhou Airport is a civil aviation port with an international standard of  "4C".

Low Living Cost

The following is a comparison of living cost between Jinzhou and other cities in China:

  1. 75% cheaper than in Shanghai;

  2. 60% cheaper than in Beijing;

  3. 45% cheaper than in Dalian;

  4. 35% cheaper than in Shenyang

Apartment for International Students: Bohai University International Center

  1. Dormitories with 24-hour hot water supply: The center is within the campus, serving as dorms of international students. Each apartment room is equipped with a bathroom, bed, table, chair, wardrobe, bookshelf, TV set, air-conditioner, card phone, and broadband connection. In the apartment there is a shared kitchen (on each floor) equipped with electro-magnetic stove, microwave oven, roast oven and fridge.

  2. Recreation: In the center, there is a room with facilities for billiard, table tennis and body-building. On campus, there are stadiums and courts for soccer, basket ball, volleyball and tennis.

  3. Dining Room: On the first floor of the center, there is a dining room where they enjoy various taste of food. Outside the campus, they can have other Chinese food with special tastes.

  4. Laundry: In the center, there is a laundry where they may have their clothes washed.

  5. Internet:

  1. There is a broadband Internet connection in each dormitory;

  2. In the center, there is a computer room where they can get access to the Internet for free;

  3. There are Internet bars in the school library and the areas surrounding the campus.

Shopping in the City

In the city there are several big supermarkets, department stores and restaurants, where they can reach by bus (To the north gate, there are buses No. 210 and No.113; to the west gate, bus No. 4; and to the east gate, bus No. 8) or by taxi (approximately RMB 10).


  1. It is convenient to go to the city center either by bus (RMB 1 for one-way ticket) or by taxi (RMB 5 for the starting price)

  2. Buses No. 4, 8, 210 or 113 lead to the city center, while bus No. 4 to the railway station and long-distance bus stop.

  3. The working staff from Office of International Exchange College may help students reserve airplane ticket.

  4. Airport pick-up service is available for them at RMB 500 per capita from Shenyang airport, RMB 600 per capita from Dalian airport, and RMB 800 per capita from Beijing airport. For a group of students, a bus will be arranged for the pick-up.

Other Services

  1. Banking (Currency Exchange)

    • There are ATMs on campus placed by Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Jinzhou, and Postal Savings bank. Any card marked with “Yinlian” may be applicable.

    • In the city center, there is Bank of China, where currency can be exchanged, and the Office can help do it.

  2. Library: The school library, whose building covers 36,000 square meters of floor area and serves as a monumental logo of Bohai University, holds 1,600,000 volumes of books, which they may borrow to read.

  3. Bookstore: Either on campus or in areas surrounding it, there are bookstores, big or small. In the city center, some large bookstores can be found like Northern Bookstore and Xinhua Bookstore.

  4. Clinics and Hospitals:

    • Bohai University Hospital is within the campus.

    • In the city proper, there are some large-scaled hospitals including City Central Hospital and the famous hospital—Attached Hospital of Liaoning Medical University.

    1. The Voltage: 220V

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